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Mary Osborne, RDH

Mary Osborne has worked in dentistry for over thirty five years as a clinical hygienist and patient facilitator. As a lifelong student of effective communication and relationship building, she brings to her work enthusiasm, intelligence, humor, and a deep belief in the potential for significant growth through authentic communication.

Mary is known internationally as a consultant, writer, guest presenter and producer of newsletters and audio cassette programs. Her writing has been published in national magazines including the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics,and she serves on the editorial board of In A Spirit of Caring. Mary is a regular guest presenter for dentists at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education.

For more information on Mary and her consulting services visit or e-mail her at

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Allison Watts' "Transformational Leadership Teleseminar" series on ISOC.
Allison Watts DDS
Allison Watts' "Transformational Leadership Teleseminar" series on ISOC. Allison Watts has interviewed many of the leading dentists and consultants for her Transformational Leadership Teleseminar series. She has agreed to make this series available for ISOC members. Here are some of the relationship-based interviewees: Bill Wathen, Mary Osborne, Mike Robichaux, Joan Unterschutz, Bob Frazer, Rich Green, Bud Ham, Susan Maples and me. . . . keep reading >>
Staying in the Question - one of the most powerful dental patient communication tools you can use - Part II.
Mary Osborne, RDH
Staying in the Question - one of the most powerful dental patient communication tools you can use - Part II. From the Best of ISOC Series. Staying in the question is one of the most powerful dental communication tools you can develop. The concept is simple and the effects are profound. Mary Osborne wrote this article in 1997. I consider it a classic in health-centered or relationship-based dentistry. (LDC) . . . keep reading >>
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