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Use written informed consent forms for all dental treatment you render.
Lynn D Carlisle DDS
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This article on using informed consents in your dental practice has shot up the charts in recent months as the most viewed ISOC article. I don't know why. I even had a non-ISOC dentist from Great Britain request information on it. Maybe, its popularity is search engine related as dentists look to protect themselves from frivolous law suites.

Its subject - using informed consent forms in your dental practice - seems to be a generic topic, but it is a vital one for your well being in the current economic climate.

The article features the Colorado Dentists Professional Liability Trust's excellent catalog of informed consent forms for your dental practice.

For me, the current litigious climate is the biggest negative to practicing dentistry. Well written, signed informed consents can save you if you are sued or if a patient contests your treatment.

The Colorado Dentists Professional Liability Trust has an excellent catalog of informed consent forms. Go to: and click on "Consent Forms" in the heading to access the forms. They can be downloaded in pdf versions.

"The Trust" emphasizes that these forms are provided on an 'informational basis' to assist you in developing your own consent forms. Their site is not intended as a source of legal advice. After you have developed a form, you may want it reviewed by legal counsel.

"The Trust" strongly recommends that you use written consent forms for all procedures you do. A pain - yes, but necessary in our litigious times.

I was sued twice in my 40 years of practicing dentistry. Both were the worst experiences of my professional life. Signed written informed consents would have saved me.

When asking patients to sign informed consents, be factual, say "Unfortunately this is part of practicing dentistry now, my insurance carrier and state association strongly recommend that we do this."

In my experience, most patients will commiserate with you that indeed it is unfortunate that this needs to be done and they will sign it.

Do it. Well written informed consents can save you immense heartache.

The Colorado Dentists Professional Liability Trust has developed a state of the art model for malpractice insurance for dentists. It was developed by dentists for dentists and has several unique features that makes it the best malpractice insurance for dentists (my opinion).

The Dentists Professional Liability Trust is a self-insured trust endorsed by the Colorado Dental Association and supported by the contributions paid by the participating dentists. The Trust is unique not only in its formation, underwriting, and claims management, but also because it is managed by a Board of member dentists representing the various geographic areas of Colorado. The Trust is dedicated to:

  • Long-term stability
  • Sound business practices
  • Competent knowledgeable administration
  • Reduction of risk through education
  • Unfortunately, it is available only for dentists practicing in Colorado. To find out more information on this unique model for your state, go to: Contacts

    Not a member? Go to: Membership has its advantages, to join.

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