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Creating a dental practice mission statement
Lynn D Carlisle DDS
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I am a collector of mission statements.

Over the years, ISOC has published several examples of excellent mission statements from the Aspen Ski Corporation, to The Bob Barkley Foundation and now to the YMCA of The Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

Here is an excellent example from the Y-Camp at Estes Park,. (See below) Use it as a model and resource to create or re-create your dental practice mission, vision, values and philosophy statements.

Last summer, Kirsten, I and 40 family members from my mother's side gathered at the Y-Camp (YMCA of the Rockies) in Estes Park, Colorado for our 10th "Superelatives" reunion. When I registered, the person at the front desk gave me their "Program Bulletin" with their core values and mission statement (See below) on the first page along with an extensive list of activities.

The Y-Camp in Estes is the first place I fell in love with the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This was around 1953. My family made the long, hot, windy trek across Kansas from Independence, Missouri to Estes Park, Colorado and the Y-Camp for a summer vacation. Family road trips - establishing lifetime memories Little did I know then, that this would change my life and lead 15 years later to me setting up practice in nearby Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Four generations of the Carlisle/Gibbs tribe have been visiting the Y-Camp almost every summer since 1953.

start quoteOne of the main reasons it retains its magic is its commitment to and manifestation of its core values and mission.end quote

It is one of my power spots. I visit it frequently. Stressed about your dental practice? Find a power spot or spots It has retained its magic over the 57 years I have been visiting. One of the main reasons it retains its magic is its commitment to and manifestation of its core values and mission.

Their core values are Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Faith. They model these in all that they do while not making you feel like you are being "preached" to.

Here is the YMCA if the Rockies mission statement:

Our Mission:

The YMCA of the Rockies puts Christian principles into practice through programs, staff and facilities in an environment that builds healthy, spirit, mind and body for all.

We accomplish this by:

  • Serving conferences of a religious, educational, or recreational nature
  • Providing unifying experiences for families
  • Offering traditional summer camping experiences for boys and girls
  • Serving our staff with leadership opportunities and productive work experiences.
  • A simple, direct. clear mission and core values statement that the Y-Camp has adhered to since its founding in the late 1800's.

    Use it as a model to write or re-write your dental practice mission and core values statement. Then live it in the way you practice dentistry.

    For more information on writing a mission, vision, values, philosophy statement go to: How to write a philosophy statement

    If you are looking for a great place to have a family vacation or reunion make a reservation at the Y-Camp. The lodging fills up early. (They also have a camp at Snow Mountain Ranch near Winter Park, Colorado.) Go to: Estes Park Center - YMCA of the Rockies - Overview

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