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Tight budget? How to get the most value for your dental CE dollars
Lynn D Carlisle DDS
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Using local resources for dental practice development.

There are times, like the not-so-great recession, when money is tight. It is not in your dental practice budget to take days from chairside, get on an airplane, and pay for lodging and tuition for dental courses.

What choices do you and your team have to continue learning and growing your dental practice?

Your dental practice is a small business. Often there are very valuable career advancement courses/resources available locally and/or regionally for small businesses through:

start quoteThe advantages? No travel or local travel only, economical, ongoing, a local resource person to call, perspectives outside of dentistry, networking, and referrals to your practice.end quote

  • Universities,
  • Community Colleges,
  • Career Track,
  • Chambers of Commerce.
  • Small Business Administration
  • These resources and workshops are generally well done and presented by professionals who have walked the talk and are good to excellent presenters. The reason there are these kinds of programs is there are many small business owners like you who have similar challenges. These programs are dedicated to helping small business owners thrive. Many are like mini M.B.A. programs.

    I lived in a university town of 125,000 people and used many local resources for the basic non-dental business skills needed by my team members and me.

    Topics include: word processing, accounting, public speaking, leadership, planning, communication, computer skills, conflict/stress management, customer service, professional development, creating a business plan, coaching, personal development, team building, personality profiles and many others.

    The advantages? No travel or local travel only, economical, ongoing, a local resource person to call, perspectives outside of dentistry, networking, and referrals to your practice.

    Click on the following to see what is available:

    Small Business Administration resources: Small Business Administration - Small Business Planner

    An example of community college's offerings. Check your local community college: Customized Business Services - Colorado Mountain College

    An example of a chamber of commerce offering: Check with your local chamber of commerce for similar offerings: Small Business Development Center, Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce

    This is an updated article that first appeared on ISOC in 2003.

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