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Is your dental office décor and design up to date?
Lynn Carlisle, DDS
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Last week I went to my physician’s office for a physical. While I was waiting for my appointment, I looked around his waiting room and thought “I think this room has the same furniture and décor that it had 25 years ago”. “It screams of the late 70’s. He needs to hire an interior designer and remodel and update it with new furniture, wall covering and accessories.”

Have you looked at the décor and design of your dental office lately? What would a patient say about how your office looks and functions? Does your office scream the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s? Does it need to be remodeled and updated?

Schedule a team meeting. Ask your team members to look at your office as if they were a patient.

Drive to your office like a patient would and park where they would park. What does the outside of your office look like? Are the shrubs trimmed? Is the lawn well manicured? Is the exterior in good shape? Is there any trash around? Is your sign in good shape?

Walk inside. Is the interior décor up to date. Are the wall coverings current? Is the furniture in good shape? Is the carpet or floor covering clean and well preserved? Is the bathroom clean and modern?

Keep going to the inside of your office and ask all of the same questions as you walk around.

Then convene a meeting and have a discussion about your impressions of your office. Come up with an action plan to change what needs to be changed and updated.

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