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Lynn Carlisle,DDS
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I occasionally come across items that make life easier on the internet.

I use Google frequently to look for information on a variety of subjects. Most of you do the same. You type in the word(s) or phrases you are looking for and click ‘google search” and a list of web pages with the word(s) or phrases appear.

You have an instant virtual library at your fingertips.

One of the main reasons for Google's success is the ease of use. It's easy to “Google” you just enter a search term, press 'google search', and you quickly find a list of web pages related to what you are looking for.

Google has always had advanced tricks or codes that savvy users can use to refine their google search. Now an entrepreneur has made using Google even easier, by refining and adding search boxes for “easy expert searches”.

He calls his site Soople Here is what he has to say about his web site.

Soople-easy expert search-

“Soople is an early English dialect, which means 'to soften, make supple'.

That's exactly what I envisioned for this site; a site that softens all the fantastic (advanced) functions Google offers.

Initially I made this site for my mother, who, though computer-savvy, still didn't know about all the possibilities Google offers. This site is for all those who are not yet familiar with all the functions and required syntaxes. This way Soople enables an 'easy expert search'!

For instance, one can specify a search by one particular site or file type (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf) or an image search by size and type.

Furthermore, there are many useful tools Google offers; search in the latest news, look up definitions or use Google as a phonebook. Last but not least, the Calculator. This amazing tool let's you do all kind of (very advanced) calculations. Soople has added the unit-converter, which is based on this calculator, for the conversion of all the common units/measures (meters<--->yards). Quite supple, if you ask me.

Of course, there are always many more supple ideas out there, so don't hesitate to mail us! Have a lot of Google-fun

Soople is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Google”. Check it out, it makes using Google even easier and enjoyable.

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